Why ACCENTS are a good thing - ep.32

By Jamie Iria

Do you have an accent? Do you feel like accents can prevent you from being successful? Or do you see them as part of your ID? On this episode, Jamie and Ana talk about this. Ana speaks from a personal point a view as someone who speaks three languages. Jamie has spent his youth in another country where English was not spoken. See what they have to share with their audience. Show sponsor: =========== Workplace One - a company offering boutique private offices, co-working spaces, virtual office solutions, and meeting rooms. Amazing spaces in the best neighbourhoods of Toronto & Kitchener-Waterloo. More info: Website: www.workplaceone.com Instagram: https://bit.ly/2GIC0yd Facebook: https://bit.ly/2aUT8xr Follow Jamie/Creative 7 here: ====================== Website: http://creative7inc.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creative7inc/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creative7inc/ LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2wNLZMM Twitter: https://twitter.com/creative7inc Medium: https://medium.com/@creative7inc

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