DT 078: Find Your Own Beat with Aria Crescendo

By Henry Winslow, Yoga Student and Teacher

Aria Crescendo (@aria.official on Instagram) is a musician, singer, and yoga teacher. Her artistic journey brought her to yoga in 2000, after the demands of her career in the entertainment industry challenged her sense of balance. Aria has headlined at Wanderlust Festivals and has represented brands like Nike, Oysho and Loreal. She is the author of two books, “Le Yoga de Ma Vie “ and “The Healthy Book.” She spends her time traveling and teaching, while spreading the high vibrations of yoga and music In this episode you’ll hear from Aria on:  [10.28] Creating her own path in life as a singer, musician and motivational yoga teacher. She talks about her love of performing and her early career as a dancer at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris.    [14.05] Aria’s first transformative experience of yoga in Las Vegas which challenged her preconceptions and lifted her from depression. Her subsequent obsession with the physical aspects of yoga and her growing awareness of the philosophy behind her practice.   [24.25] Life on the road with the Paradiso Girls and how yoga helped Aria to stay healthy and grounded. She credits yoga with keeping her sane at a stressful and turbulent time in her show business career.   [35.24] Aria’s transition from pop star to yoga teacher. Her decision to return to France and set up her own yoga studio after living in Los Angeles and teaching celebrity clients such as Ashton Kutcher.   [40.53] How Aria started to incorporate the vibrations of mantras and music into her classes. The release of her new mantra-based pop album and the creation of warrior yoga, a fast-paced fusion that combines the alignment and structure of Iyengar and Ashtanga with the energy of Vinyasa and Power Yoga.   Announcements:  Reconnect to your divine Self this December. Join me and Veronica Lombo on an immersive retreat in Bali: henrywins.com/bali
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    Links from this episode:  You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza - Grab a copy of Aria’s recommended book  Check out Aria’s books:  Le Yoga De Ma Vie The Healthy Book Listen to Aria’s album Love is the Answer on Spotify or Youtube   Get in touch with Aria: https://www.ariusyoga.com/ – Check out Aria’s schedule and view upcoming retreats.   Follow @aria.official on Instagram   Support the Podcast: If you find this podcast valuable you can support it directly by visiting: henrywins.com/donate   Credits: Music by Momentology (@momentologymusic) Production and audio engineering by Ease of Mind  

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