Conversation with Anna-Lena Werner

By Collective Cukurcuma

Anna-Lena Werner is one of the most inspirational women that lead our collective's way and interpose our dark thoughts whenever necessary in the most magical way. She is a dear friend, a curator, a writer and an art historian, currently living and working in Berlin. Having studied art history, theatre studies (Freie Universität Berlin) and art theory (Chelsea College of Art and Design, London), she completed her PhD in 2019 at Freie Universität Berlin with the study "Let Them Haunt Us. How Contemporary Aesthetics Challenge Trauma as the Unrepresentable" (transcript, Bielefeld 2020). We started our conversation from the day we met in Istanbul and how it leads us to collaborate until today through collective exhibitions, and talked about her journey with the online art platform artfridge, on trauma and its representations in contemporary art and friendship. Please see more about her book and all her other project in this podcast's info sheet. Enjoy!  Correction: 13th Istanbul Biennial we referred in the conversation took place in 2013, not 2014. Website: Artfridge: On 13th Istanbul Biennial - Point Project: DIE BUEHNE: Let them haunt us - How Contemporary Aesthetics Challenge Trauma as the Unrepresentable by Anna-Lena Werner: Follow us on; Spotify – Youtube – Soundcloud – Anchor – CC STATION cover art and intro sound design by Berlin-based artist Zeynep Özkazanç aka zoka @zozkazoz

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