BuyCoins and the rise of cryptocurrency in Nigeria

By Paystack

Bitcoin... Litecoin... Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies continue to dominate the headlines. What's going on in Nigeria's cryptocurrency landscape, how have regulators responded, and what does the future hold?Our guest today is Timi Ajiboye, co-founder and CEO of BuyCoins, a service that enables users trade cryptocurrencies. Timi shares what he's learned from building one of Nigeria's largest cryptocurrency platforms.In this episode, we talk about00:00 - Introduction01:07:12 - Timi's journey to founding a cryptocurrency exchange02:00:15 - A brief introduction to cryptocurrencies03:34:22 - The inspiration behind BuyCoins06:50:11 - The process of introducing BuyCoins to Nigerians09:20:28 - BuyCoins' goals for 2020 - expansion and more11:00:21 - Milestones and volumes11:52:27 - [Paystack Merchant Alert] Introducing Aella Credit - Exploring the cryptocurrency regulation landscape across Africa14:47:17 - The question of regulation in Nigeria16:28:17 - How BuyCoins maintains customer safety18:56:17 - What Nigeria stands to gain from trading cryptocurrencies21:32:00 - The most important questionFollow UsThe Decode Fintech newsletter is a weekly email summary of the most important news in African fintech. Subscribe to receive original commentary and curated stories, as well as the latest episode of the podcast.Subscribe to the Decode Fintech PodcastFollow Decode Fintech on TwitterDecode Fintech is brought to you by PaystackPaystack helps Africa's most successful fintechs build powerful and scalable financial service products with the industry's best-documented APIs. Please visit to find out more.

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