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Listener Feedback – The EPICsode – 010

By Jeff Manildi & Allen O'Brien

Entering their tenth episode, the Irenicast team celebrates with a not-so-rapid-fire round of listener generated topics. They talk about everything from hell, virginity, and tithing, to breakfast cereals, music, and toiletries. Following their responses to listener feedback they oblige the call for more IreniHacks!   Host Check In (00:23) Listener Feedback (06:33) IreniHacks! Returns (1:00:03)   RELEVANT LINKS Listener Feedback Questions From Listener Nicholas Quient, host of Split Frame of Reference - “what ‘is’ hell/eternal punishment?” and “the question of Pauline authorship and authority” Book - Amazon Affiliate Link: Love Wins by Rob Bell Ancient Text: Acts of Paul and Thecla From Facebook Listeners David - “The awkward marriage of American Evangelicals to the GOP and the contradiction between values on both sides.” Ceasar from FB - “ I like what David said, especially as it concerns the lower class.” Justin from FB - “What David said. Alternatively, how religious activism in politics works in theory vs reality.” Speech: "Evil Empire" by President Reagan - Address to the National Association of Evangelicals Book - Amazon Affiliate Link: The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovering the True Revolutionary Nature of Jesus' Teachings and How They Have Been Corrupted by Obery Hendricks Facebook Listener Steve - “Gospel Coalition: Fundamentalism 2.0?” Organization: The Gospel Coalition Facebook Listener Chadáe - “The double standard of modesty” Blog Post: Modesty - I Don’t Think it Means What You Think it Means by Rachel Held Evans Article: ‘Dad Bod’ Is a Sexist Atrocity by Brian Moylan Facebook Listener Hank  - “virginity. sexual repression and patriarchal or spiritual need/desire?” Blog Post: Twenty Vile Quotes Against Women By Church Leaders from St. Augustine to Pat Robertson by Valerie Tarico Facebook Listener Kyle  - “Since none of these questions seem to actually be something that can be discussed rapidly  I'll throw one in, the theological implications of an ahistorical Genesis (or at least the first 11 chapters), i.e. no historical Adam and Eve, no Fall, etc.” Irenicast Episode: 003 EVILution – Reconciling Scripture with Science Anonymous Listener - “What bands have you been listening to lately” Jeff: Alabama Shakes Allen: El 10 11, Ratatat, Eluvium, Tycho, Glass Animals, Modest Mouse Mona: DeVotchka, Everything Everything, Walk the Moon, The Local Natives, Laura Marling, Ben Howard, Asgier IreniHacks! Links Mona: Phone Amplification, Bell Hooks Text Line: 669-221-6251 Jeff: Pepper Drill, Heating Pads for Food Warming, Door Knob Rubber Band Allen: OverDrive App   THANK YOU A special thank you for the use of Endlings by The Well Pennies.  The song was used as our transition music for this episode.  Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and check out their music on iTunes! A big thank you to Mike Golin for our intro and outro music.  Check out his band Soulwise.   WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU Thank you for supporting the podcast!  Your ratings, reviews and feedback are not only encouraging to us personally, but they help others find the show.  If you appreciate the content we provide please rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.   Join our conversations on faith and culture by interacting with us through the following links: Read Us on our blog An Irenicon Email Us at Follow Us on Twitter or on Google+ Like Us on Facebook Love Us   You can also send us a Voice Message at

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