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#005 - How To Prioritise Self-Care with Jemma Andrew-Adiamah

By Elizabeth Dhokia

I am talking to Jemma Andrew-Adiamah, a certified wellbeing coach, blogger, and retreat host at Unconditionally Nourished. She's passionate about empowering busy women to create more space for themselves, supercharge their wellbeing and show up as the best version of themselves sharing tools and insights on mindset, self care, intentional living, and mindfulness.   In this episode we talk about her journey from PHD to Women’s Wellness Coach. We discuss imposter syndrome and shifting mindset to achieve.   We talk about the need to reinforce the message that self-care should be a priority for all.   Jemma tells us a bit more about the retreats she’s hosting this year and the importance of creating space away from everyday life that is rooted in nature, creativity, and other women.    We talk about mindset, practising gratitude and having a set of non-negotiable for daily self-care routines. Plus, we discuss the seasonal aspect of self-care and how that changes throughout the year.   Finally we end up chatting about food, because both Jemma and I love being nosey about what other people are eating. We love food!    Show notes: 

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