Biohacking Perimenopause with Alisa Vitti

Ask The Health Expert

Nov 20

32 min 57 sec

JJ welcomes Alisa back to the show to talk all things perimenopause! How to best prepare for it? How do you know when you’re in it? What perimenopause symptoms should you be on the lookout for? What should your diet and exercise plan look like? As the best-selling author of the books In The FLO and WomanCode, as well as creator of the MyFLO Period Tracker app, Alisa is the perfect guest to answer all these questions and more! Alisa explains just what happens for women starting at age 35, although not everyone will feel the effects of these biological changes at the same time. Alisa takes you through the various stages of perimenopause, up to the culmination of menopause and menopause symptoms to be aware of, and finally entering the post-menopausal stage of menopause.

She shares valuable tips on how proper dieting, supplements, exercise, perimenopause symptoms to be aware of, and even fasting can help to prepare for these various stages of perimenopause and menopause. Get Alisa’s Free Hormone Evaluation Quiz!

Podcast Episode