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Evo’s Brush With Thailand Motorbike Crash Statistics [Season 4, Episode 22]

By Sheila Dee & Evo Terra - Skeptics & Third World Survivors

A not very funny thing happened on the way to pick up gifts for our supporters: Evo got into a motorcycle accident. As a passenger in an Uber in a very Thai neighborhood of Bangkok. How does a passenger in the back of a car find himself a player in a motorbike crash? Like we said, it’s not a funny story. Hopefully it has a happy ending. Got a question for us? Leave us a quick voicemail. And if you want these episodes early and gain access to all of our bonus content, support us on Patreon. Computer Transcription Gone Terribly Wrong Making a transcription of a podcast episode is hard, unless you take the lazy route and have a computer do it. Which is what we did below, thanks to PodcasterPro. No, we're not using the tool the way they want us to, but the results -- for us -- are hi-larious. Let us know if you agree, and read this: 00:00:04 Oh ones, although this one on one with no. This morning with one side. Oh my God. Just one is high gear. Jio. Who Chievo This is great from the bank or podcast. I think the question for you has either Have you ever been in a car accident in Thailand? Thanks. Ooh, that's a great question, Greg. Thanks for asking, I'm Sheila D and I am Yvo Tara u-unless. No, We are Shiboh. You are listening to this one time and no one likes a smart ask, Greg. Yes, we have been in an accident by we I don't mean shoe on I talking to you again, Greg. I mean, you and I this just happened to us. Oh, hi, honey. Hey, it's been an exciting morning. Yeah, yeah, where to begin, I'm glad I stayed home. Actually had you'd the the whole thing would have been different. Butterfly effect had gone with us. It wouldn't have actually happen. Oh no, You make me feel bad weather. It wasn't my intention. I apologize for that. Let me tell you, find listener what is going on. A little bit ago earlier today, my partner, Greg, on the Bangkok podcast, we're on our way to go get something special, four hour patrons. Those who have supported us for the last six months are getting something very special from us. And so we were going today to to place the order to to, to grab these things. No, I'm not telling you what they are, but they are awesome. If you are not a listener, the Bangkok podcast, You don't know anything about this, but you should go check it out. Regardless of at us. We're not here to Pimp the show. I'm here to talk about what I did honey. 00:01:51 It's always you Michio hinterland no, it's usually me as we are telling the Uber driver that this is a good place to stop for us was a relatively not busy street here in Bangkok, the Uber driver polls over to the left because we drive on the left side of the road here. Not quite in a. Like a driveway area, but off to the side of the road to wear in here he hasn't. So he clearly we stopped and in is time for me to pop the door. So I can jump on the kerb. Well, I said it wasn't a busy street, but it was busy enough streak that I didn't notice the motorcycle. That was Uming along the left side abyss between us and the curb as motorcycles do as as I often. But do barracks. If somebody's dropping you off, they should be close enough to that. Curb that a motorcycle cake get through there. That is true. There were there were there really wasn't enough room for for a motorbike I I would assume not There were certainly no motorbike lane, which we sometimes do well, you're None of that was the case, and it was a curve. It was kind of a blind area. And again, the he had pulled over, so I assumed always go, Okay. I popped the door open and immediately here. Oh, a motorcycle taxi carrying two on helmeted ladies. Oh no clip that door As I popped it open. Now, It wasn't like a full on T-Bone assault. Not like the door was all the way open and then slammed into it because there's no damage to the Uber driver's car. I think I popped the door open and probably clipped One of either the driver or one of the passengers on the leg. It's very, very low. And that caused a motorbike to lean to the left even further an impact, the break. And so they were all three of them kinda piled up, especially when you have three people and are buying already. Overloaded wrote not wearing helmets. 00:03:54 Many hit the her No one hit their head, but one of the girls her right. A hand and forearm looked a little unnatural. Oh, could have been a broken hand. Could have been a broken radius Palme. I think for the bones of the of the of the We're on there. So yeah, that have I immediately give we we get out of the car. What, what, what do we do ISO? I clearly I've been in Thailand too long as you know what I did immediately. Got me. Wall know before I called you, that that is that is. That was definitely on my list of things to do. But the first thing I did when I got out of the car while there are these two people Three people not ten feet in front of me sprawled on the ground looking like now that you have accident, which they did have an accident. I wide. First thing I did widening Cotto corrupt Kartal dropped. 'Cause I mean raise Louie. I am implicit in somehow Emre had I not done this. I would not have been there. Now we are. We are not in a tourist E area OCA Schnur not I we are we are in an artisan area of Thailand to wear. Not a lot of fell on hang in there. So. We don't know what to do, And he suddenly this not busy road within five seconds. There were like 19 motor taxes were and a motorcycle that had like cop lights on. It showed up. Thrilling likes of Renan. Teenager was driving. That was all about Greg, was confused with that one as well for everything was just utter chaos and we're just standing there. I I go look at the Cartasi where the damages and I can see this little tiny smudge Mark. If had Kleenex, I could have taken items will receive road damage to this guy's vehicle. So we wait, no one speaks in the English. Our over driver is not even talking to us about this were just standing there. Greg, in I two large white people surrounded by Thais who are all just looking at us. No one's yelling, No one me, We're just their thinking, Well, we don't know what's going to happen. I guess we're going to find out. Yes, yes, you what? What is going to happen? Maybe ten minutes later if that I dunno time Time doesn't really matter when raise. 00:06:03 Relations, but an ambulance showed up. Okay. They they somehow at all they put the girl on a gurney, or they just lifted her absence. It was only her arm. There was damage. I think they just if memory serves and it was a little chaotic, I believe she just walk on her own power into the ambulance. Ludmila thin and then drove off in some Thai person came over with his fingers crossed. Like first, I thought it were trying to ward off vampires. Can I realize knows making across for the hospital signs, Okay, great. We're gonna have to go to the hospital and then figure out what happens as more people come around. The crazy chicken lady and crazy husband showed up, they will run street vendors. Ray Manning the chicken plays right next to us and were completely insane. I've no idea what they were saying here, but I'm going to play a little bit of that audio, so you can hear some of the insanity with with his Mrs dismisses and Mr El Poile Loko the crazy chicken. Get rid Iraq, recover. Rebel among my my wet For P Y. Huawei. And all the more. Gold even. Apple route. Without. I'm good. Nah, I have rock. Well. Who is going to blow that? Has never know what I realise. I realized I was in the middle of it. Yes. Oh, come over here, said Zuber driver. Hopeful of So we get no idea what that was. What was said. I think what was being said is crazy. Chicken guy, Mr ELP oil Loko was trying to say the Farrand's not at fault. He didn't do anything wrong. These idiots run a motorcycle without helmets. Zooming through in a gap, they shouldn't have been in anyhow And they got clipped. 00:08:15 So Greg and I were are still pondering what's going to happen because we this The whole thing took not quite an hour. Okay. One hour of going off, moving different places standing, getting in with the Uber driver getting out with Uber driver standing around, wondering what's going to happen at two Community police officers, which I don't even know what that means. I think linings volunteers that have that. Okay came over. Never talked to us once. Really a police officer from the railway. 'cause we were near one of the rail links. He came over and started looking at the Uber, driver's car and license come to find out the Uber driver didn't have a license and he did, But he had received some sort of an infraction recently. And so he had his on a receipt saying, I got a ticket because that is what they do in Thailand, yellow, take your license to a central location, and once you pay the ticket than you get the actual license back. But the railway cot never talked to us. No. So the only person that ever talked to us was crazy, chicken lady, Mrs L Porter lotto, and the Uber driver. One guy did come up who I think at the end. When all the I think the moto-taxi guys called their leader because it's all talk taxi. Mafia in this country are one person is in charge of all. He came over, spoke a little bit of English. Where will you go into? Who was driving That sort of thing? And that's when the big argument jumped out when Mr crazy chicken tried to jump at, I guess to defend us. Although I didn't. We felt no threatened what never threatened that anything. But it's nice that a witness came out and said, Yeah, Well net, I assume That's what he said. I I don't know what he said. What what we ended up doing is the Uber driver. Got my phone number. Now I didn't book the Uber, Greg. Thanks to Uber. Okay. So that over driver has my phone number. No one wanted to see pictures of my passport and visa, which you. 00:10:14 Ryan, I sent over to me because I figured I'm going to need this right to prove that I'm here. Um. Um, no one took statements. Everybody had their cameras out taking picture of the injured girl Oakland, never us. We never got our picture taken. I realize about ten minutes in, I probably should have taken some video of what what happened here in the event that I'm need to protect myself frankness. But yet nothing. And then eventually everyone just left ends with over driver says, Okay, You can go over driver gave us the authority to leave for by that time. Every one of of the accident had gone Not a single cell was except create Mr and Mrs Apoyo Loko who are stationary there and seemed like they were on our side slur. We asked and I honestly don't know what's going to happen, and you don't know what hospital She went to. We were near a hospital. Okay, Let me in this area has a hospital was on the Suming that's the one that they took her today. But. Yeah, I I just I just don't know. Well, I guess we shall wait and see. All I can do is just kinda hang out. Well, like I said, I it sounds like that we were driver didn't pull up to the curb enough. And the motorcycle taxi assumed that there was enough for him there And hair to people which is illegal with helmet am had no helmet's on them, which is also illegal ray. So I mean, there's a bunch of different things at play there. Yeah, which which law Trump's other laws, right? Because clearly several were broken, and I don't think if I did any. I guess Maybe they you Diallo negligence amine is negligence even all law in entirely. I don't. I don't know. We would. Oh, we're not. If you're gonna start on, I can't imagine. You know, maybe the did the driver was not supposed to stop there. I notice there was not a red and white little parking Blog. I wasn't that wasn't there. So I I don't know, real. 00:12:14 We do not know what's going to happen. All I know is Uber driver has my phone number. Okay. Well, probably poor dregs. Uber rating just when the toilet. From zero stars for opening the door, right? His partner, opening the door, knock somebody off car will. Well, yeah, how many your day. I went laid by the pool. I learned some into sign. Oh, looks good. That's good. So in accordance as as exciting as yours, not nearly as exciting, mindless, not say. I know what, yeah. It was a day today. Yeah, I'd in in I'm I'm curious that I like I did a quick search online to see if I could find anything, but I can't read anything great taunt I rate. So I have no idea what I'm even looking for a We have no idea what's gonna happen. I guess we'll keep you posted listener on what Shula could be posted it. It's a chance I could we thrown in jail for ever his true. That's true. Couple of guys dropped trowel in what I room and get jailed for ten days. I don't know what happens to this Hampel that open their doors to get out of her newborn. I took a picture of Greg an eye looking very forlorn on the side of the road. Okay. I'm not posting it until I know what's happening. No, you should What's what's going to really happen? So enter this by the way, if you. You are a Thai official. This is not an admission of guilt. 00:13:39 No, at all, gone on him guilty up. I can tell you this though. I'm going to be careful when I'm Read my motorbike on the left. Yeah, because they're maybe there's got to be lease one more dumb as out there like need is pops a door open like, don't do we do it all the time. Yeah. But again, I think it goes back to the Uber driver not getting close enough to the Kerr everyone was at fault, except for me. I do . I did have the guilty. Well, I think we answered Greg's question. I think Greg knew the answer. The question of Ford Lincoln in you. If you have a question for us and you would like for us to answer it, My God, We still have several more episodes of this season does what we're doing. We're answering questions about our life abroad as answering questions People have about love relationship life. Whatever talked to us go to XIV O . WTF slash Call us XIV O . W T F slash call us and levers of always male with your smartphone. You can do it on your laptop computer. I don't know. You can with landline even have landlines anymore. Those exist. How would you dial and website address with landline nonsuited forget I said that she though that WTF slash Call us. Our shared this when Thai would not be possible without the support at people like you, if you think our show is worthy. Your financial support patron makes it very easy. This whole thing happened because we were trying to get a special gift for patrons of the Bangkok PodcastOne I might need a legal defense fund earning GoFundMe me or something. I've if you like to. 00:15:16 Contribute to my defence, I would love it. Thank you. I need it. Plus you'll get early access to the show and some bonus content XIV O . WTMJ slash patriotic on, get signed up today. We should actually set up a bigger, a bigger contribution point and do something like Bangkok podcast. All Maybe we'll think about the good thing that you're giving is Brennan. Also have it on Tuesday. I can't wait to still. Can't wait to see. Our music is by the way of the way. Thanks for listening listener. I am Ibo Tara food. I'm went deep, assuming I'm not in jail. You'll have another show next week head of the gut health Arctic it stays subscribed. We'll find out for him to Thailand by.

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