Ep. 41 Dr Lois Nahirney talks about eating for your DNA

By Nicolette Richer

Find out more about our ONLINE COURSE https://nicolettericher.com/eat-real-to-heal Want to improve your health… Click here to access our FREE resources so you can live your best life! https://nicolettericher.com/free-stuff Today I am talking to the amazing Dr. Lois Nahirney, owner of dnaPower. Lois is passionate about creating a healthier world by helping people take power over their health. Lois' identical twins, adopted from Vietnam, led her to a fascination in DNA. After solving years of personal health problems by learning about a simple weakness in her genetic make up, Lois acquired the company that had been helping her, dnaPower. Lois has a doctorate and a master in business and has held a number of international senior executive roles. She has been honoured with several women in business awards, and volunteers extensively in the community and overseas. Her vision is to help people make better health decisions and live healthier lives based on their unique DNA. Lois tells us the story of her adopted twins, her health issues and how genetic testing helped her in the path to recovery. She talks about how you can invest in your health by testing your DNA. dnaPower takes testing to a whole new level. They test for nutrition, health, exercise and brain power and give you recommendations on how you can optimise your gene expression by turning on the genes that help your health and turning off the ones that don’t. You won't be surprised that a lot of the answers come back to nutrition and plant based eating. Lois has an inspiring healing hero story. FIND Dr Lois Nahirney Here https://www.dnapower.com/ref/richer/ https://wnorthconnect.com/speakers/dr-lois-nahirney/ Instagram @dnapowerinc Email: lois@dnapower.com, Customercare@dnapower.com Promotion - Use the code ‘eatrealtoheal’ at www.dnapower.com for a $100 discount on the Total Power Test! Discussed on the PODCAST Loma Linda - https://home.llu.edu/ Book - Becoming Supernatural, Dr Joe Dispenza - http://www.becomingsupernatural.com/ Book – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza - https://drjoedispenza.com/products/breaking-the-habit-of-being-yourself-paperback-book Ted Talk – Couples Arguing - https://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend/up-next   Find out ways you can work with Nicolette to improve your health here: https://nicolettericher.com/work-with-me   Buy the Eat Real to Heal Book here: https://www.amazon.ca/Eat-Real-Heal-Medicine-Arthritis/dp/163353782X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1567629190&sr=8-1  

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