A serene doctor’s unwavering advocacy for sustainable medicine to support our wonderful mind, body, and planet

The Good Smack for the Planet Podcast by Hey Social Good

Oct 2020

35 min 55 sec

Solving her own personal health issues that couldn’t be explained away with conventional doctor’s visits, Dr. Paria Vaziri discovered the effectiveness of holistic medicine to optimize people’s health and the planet's wellness. More than ever, we need a doctor that is an M.D. superpowered with holistic and nontoxic approaches to wellness. Her comprehensive and sustainable approach to medicine means she’s proactively working on disease prevention, mental health, gut health, and prescribing medicine that’s better for the planet. Her honest take as a female doctor and simple tips on self-care show how easily each of us can take back control of our personal health journey...and reduce our pollution footprint at the same time. Find her at www.doctorparia.com

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