COVID-19 from the LP Perspective

By byFounders

Everybody's talking about the startup funding climate during COVID-19. Are VCs still investing? Are angels pulling their funds away from venture? What about corporate VCs - will their mandate be limited? We want to ask the ones funding the funders, namely the Limited Partners (LPs).  Most of them work with a portfolio of venture funds, giving them a unique vantage point from which to observe the situation unfold. What changes are they seeing? What are they looking for when investing now? Will they stop supporting new funds? Or is this rather a great time to start something new - like many argue it is for startup founders. Tune in to find out.  This is a recording of the 7th in a series of virtual meetups by byFounders titled The Situation Room. The episode was hosted by Ida Åsle and Eric Lagier on May 6th 2020.  Sign up for upcoming sessions at

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