How Creatives Can Make Money with Alternative Investment Expert, Fred Moskowitz

By Daniella Platt in Los Angeles | Terance Coffee in New York

HOW CAN CREATIVES MAKE MONEY?  Welcome to Looking Good with Daniella, a talk-show featuring Creatives & Entrepreneurs who do it all – despite it all.  I’m Daniella Platt.  This show is to inspire you to live your best life.  Are you a creative and always curious about new ways to create more passive income, so you can pursue your artistic endeavors? I am, which is why I was delighted FRED MOSKWITZ was interested in sharing Business Tips for Creatives – How to Make Money! Fred Moskowitz is an educator, author, and public speaker who has trained countless investors from all walks of life on how to create passive income streams of their own. As a fund manager, Fred manages a mortgage note investment fund and is considered an industry veteran within the note investing arena. Fred teaches the concept that individual investors are able to step into the shoes of the lender, through note investing, and effectively "be the bank". Fred takes pride in collaborating with investors to help them grow and profit in the note space, as well as being a trusted and valued resource in the arena of alternative investments. His new book, titled "The Little Green Book Of Note Investing, has recently launched. A few fun things,  Fred started off as an engineer.  Then, he was part of the world in the early stages.  He almost retired a single guy in Brazil! When he came home to Phili, he had his ah-ha moment of wanting to create personal wealth, and no matter how good you are what you do, you have no security working for a company. That's how he came into real-estate, note investing, and now educating.   Tune in for more, on why everyone should have a side hustle and the importance of deep relationships in business.  Also, if you're not familiar with note investing -- which is new to me, he shares what it's about and how anyone can make it happen.  Ultimately, be smart with your investments and start young, and KEEP CREATING.  Like Arnold Schwarzennegger.  You can find Fred at Text NOTE to 47177 or visit to get his starter guide to note investing.  ------------------------------------------- Hi, I'm Daniella Platt.   Thanks for following our podcast, where meet entrepreneurs who are doing it all.  Check out our TV Show, Looking Good with Daniella & T. Coffee, a fashion & lifestyle talkshow.   Our collection is called JUNGLE which features upleveling apparel and home accessories, at retail and for merch - just add your logo.  As your creative connoisseur in fashion and lifestyle, we want to encourage you to be limitless. If you're interested in having merch for your brand, we set it all up for you, or if you want to starting a clothing line on your own, check out our masterclass    ------------------------------------------- THANK YOU TO OUR PATRONS Frances Harder of - free consultation and 20% discount with code LOOKINGGOOD  Rezort Collection  Rezort15  Designer Inga Goodman, "Every Woman's Prada" at 10% discount. Code is LOOKINGGOOD10 www.Daniella.Today to join our guest list, be on the Looking Good show, or meet my celebrity mentor  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

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