Episode 8. Energetic Marketing

By Elaira Tickute

What does it take to switch from manipulative & fear-based marketing to authentic marketing? And why is marketing often extra challenging for sensitive & heart-based entrepreneurs? That’s what we talk about in this episode.My guest Ayla Verheijen decided to go to the root cause of this topic of marketing. For years she studied psychology of widely used marketing methods, and disruptively shed all the "shoulds" of how marketing must be done. She created her own journey towards what she calls "magnetic marketing", which is all about radically being yourselves. Sharing your true voice with the world is like coming out, and Ayla shares some of the deep inner work she had to do to reach that place. After 6 years of research, she decided to share her (un)training "The Marketing Revolution", where she  brings Purpose work, Human Design, Shadow work  and her marketing knowledge together in a powerful and creative cocktail. The (un)training starts the 1st of October, and will be a journey towards yourself, towards embracing your unique voice, and bringing that voice out into the world fully.Helpful links:Ayla's WebsiteAyla’s Instagram StoriesMarketing Revolution TrainingAbout Human Design  About Elaira:1 on 1 coachingHuman Design ConsultationsDonateSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/elairaflow)

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