Dealing with Depression

By Monta Vilumsone

My very own short share about dealing with depression. It's here to be a conversation starter for what I've been feeling has been around me all over but I'd never trully understand how you can be so deep down inside of your own head and completly lost till you're exhausted and there's nothing, really nothing that you would feel.Dowspiral thoughts, exhausted body, restless sleep, stress from the tiniest things and really not understanding who this new version of yourself is which leads to deep, deep not accepting yourself as you are, pushing more till your body pushes you down to the floor and can't take it anymore.I want to hear your story, what you're dealing with and how we can create a space for support, an open conversation about the monsters that sometimes reside in our headspace and they are so not telling us truth.Reach out, DM, email, call :) IG: ommmsomeFB: Monta

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