Ep 44: Feeling Better, with Andrea Loewen

By Christine Wild

Meet Andrea Loewen, Vancouver writer and theatre manager, member of Girl Gang, and newly published author of Feeling Better: a field guide to liking yourself (and maybe even loving yourself).  Today, we discuss self-loathing and depression, through the lense of Andrea's personal story. She walks me through how she even realized she was depressed in the first place, how she started working her way through the tools she researched, and what she hopes her book will accomplish.  As in most cases, we talk about imposter syndrome, mental health, relativity, gratitude practices, showing up and self-esteem!  If you're going through depression, or bouts of self-loathing, listen in, there's almost no resistance to putting on an episode and listening. And then perhaps buy her book? Let us know what you thought of this episode!  Show notes:  Rollkuchen are Mennonite Fritters!  Info on Lucia Frangione here.  Find out more about Andrea here.  Please like, follow, applaud, subscribe and perhaps DONATE to support this podcast! What would you like to hear next?  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/runningwildwithchristine/support

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