Susan Ho - Modest Determination

By Chris Cunningham

On the second episode of Superpowers, Bill and Chris set out to explore what superpowers propel an entrepreneur to success at a young age. Enter Journy Co-Founder and CEO Susan Ho, whose modest determination has grounded her with a sense of humility as she navigated the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Her journey began in 2015, when as a travel-loving recent college grad she took a trip to Buenos Aires… and had no idea how to spend her time. As she told Bill and Chris, “I ended up spending ten hours in my hotel room trying to figure what to do/where to go, only to end up in a restaurant surrounded by American tourists… looking on that experience I was like, I’m an internet savvy millennial... why couldn’t I find the types of activities I was looking for?” Where some would see a wasted trip, Susan saw an opportunity to fill a market gap between ultra-high end booking services, and non-personal mass scheduling companies. In 2015 she launched Journy, which pairs travelers with expert travel planners to create personalized trips in customized price ranges. Now one of the most respected young minds in the tech entrepreneur space – in 2018 she was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list for Consumer Technology – Susan’s success was far from guaranteed. From humble beginnings in an immigrant household, to Journy’s near-failure in 2017, her story is one of extraordinary resourcefulness and determination.

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