The Integrative Approach to Gut Health with Dr. Marvin Singh

Ask The Health Expert

Oct 16

37 min 32 sec

Dr. Marvin Singh is an integrative gastroenterologist, author, and distinguished speaker. After diving deep into the field of integrative medicine, he lost 40 pounds himself by making diet and lifestyle modifications. Listen as Dr. Singh explains the root causes of common gastrointestinal issues like heartburn and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, as well as the dangers of acid-reducing medications like proton pump inhibitors. Dr. Singh also shares natural remedies for healing your gut and eliminating uncomfortable symptoms, plus he talks about his viewpoint on diet and nutrition, including why it's key to customize your eating plan. Plus, get Dr. Singh’s free 4-Week Gut Reset eBook so you can start getting your gut health back on track today!

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