Building Your Podcast Tribe

By Sound Media; James Marriott; Ellie Codling

Building a podcast tribe could be the injection your podcast needs.  Find out some of the benefits of building a podcast community from someone who has done just that, and very successfully too.  Charles Commins joins Pod Almighty to share his story on how he built a very loyal podcast community for his Podcast It’s All Cobblers To Me and knowledge he has learnt over the years from co-running Mic’s Podcast Club.  We chat  Why you should try and build a podcast community.  Is there more to it than just using social media?  How you can build a buzz around your podcast.  The many ways to get into the mindset of your listener and making it a two way relationship.  And why you should listen to your tribe as much as they listen to you!  Find out more about Sound Media at ( Find James at ( or ( Find Ellie at ( or ( Facebook) Find out more about (Mic’s Podcast Club) Find out more about Charles here ( or ( or ( or (

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