Steamy Spotlight: Interview with Kandi Steiner

By Boobies & Noobies

Summary: In this month's Steamy Spotlight episode, Kelly interviews bestselling author, Kandi Steiner about her writing origin story, her love for "emotional roller coaster" romances, and of course, the best whiskey recommendations. Old Fashioned, the fourth and final book in Kandi's Becker Brothers series is out March 19th.   Guest:  Kandi Steiner Show Notes:  - Kandi Steiner's whiskey recommendations: Chattanooga Whiskey Distillery  - Do you want to blog and/or review with Social Butterfly PR? - Wuthering Heights: Kandi's intro to the world of romance - Reading vs. Rereading  - A reader by nature & books as a "safety blanket"  - Kandi's first novel... in 7th grade - Thank You to all of the supportive moms out there - Independently published authors ARE real authors - Building a community of strong and supportive women - She writes motivational non-fiction about mental health, too! - Advice from Kandi: If your work challenges or intimidates you, you're doing something right - Introducing the Becker Brothers, a series born from a tour of the Jack Daniel's Distillery  - Ideas born from a pivotal emotional state  - We like our men nerdy and dirty  - Why do so many writers HATE their writing? - Stories don't have to change the world to make them worth telling - On the Way To You, a story about physical disabilities and mental health - The Wrong Game, the rom-com for serial daters and sports fans - Discussing Kandi's latest, Old Fashioned.  - A Sneak Peek at Kandi's new novel plus her list of diverse authors to check out - How to broaden your lens as a writer and reader, but also support OWN authors  - Palm South University Book #5 and the sequel to The Wrong Game: Coming Soon! - Snag a FREE copy of Rush, the first book in the PSU series by signing up for Kandi's newsletter - Football fans, unite! - What's up next? Kandi's motivational book! - Advice for romance-reading Noobies - Shed the shame and read what you like - Have you tried #BookTeaser on Instagram? It's a great way to find a new read - What Kandi's reading: His Dark Materials series  Shoutouts:  Susan Stoker  Social Butterfly PR Schmexy Girl Book Blog Follow Boobies & Noobies on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook @boobiespodcast *Boobies & Noobies is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. You can find more outstanding podcasts to subscribe to at*

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