Choosing Environmental Optimism

She Explores

Apr 2019

40 min 10 sec

This Earth Day, we’re looking on the bright side. We’re asking, how can a sense of environmental optimism keep us facing forward? What strength do we gain when we’re comfortable starting fresh - whether it’s a climbing route, in our personal lives, or in our approach to sustainability? . We climb and camp in Moab, Utah with photographer, climber, and Mountain Hardwear ambassador Kylie Fly, who knows thinking outside the box is beneficial to all aspects of life. Woman featured in this episode: Kylie Fly Hosted by Gale Straub Sponsored by Mountain Hardwear

Why Kylie gravitates towards optimism in all areas of her life How she got into climbing and the advice she has for others who want to get started Why she loves climbing Times in climbing (and life!) where she's approached a route and started from scratch How Mountain Hardwear has started from scratch with their whole gear line for spring, including tents without fire retardant chemicals Why environmental optimism can help us through challenging times The small steps Kylie takes to recreate and live sustainably How brands are using more sustainable (and recycled) materials What we can do when spending time outside to minimize our impact The She Explores book & Tour

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