S1E3: All Dope Queens Glow Up with Phoebe Robinson

By Arc Creative

Phoebe Robinson knows all about “the glow up” and what it means to bring other women with her. As a writer, performer, comedian, author, and podcaster, she has spoken up for those without a platform, shed light on today’s most crucial topics, and hustled hard for every YOLO moment that made her who she is today. Along with making us all fall in love with her on the iconic podcast Two Dope Queens, her podcast Sooo Many White Guys, movie What Men Want, and now new book, “Everything Is Trash, But It’s Okay”, Phoebe has been able to keep it all in perspective and even now, paves the way for others who want to follow her. We’ll also hear from LIVELY ambassador and Alexa Curtis, the CEO of Life Unfiltered by Alexa, a lifestyle site for teens on social media and mental health. After being bullied in her youth, she fearlessly launch her own fashion blog at 12 years old, which turned into a podcast, site, and even a show on Radio Disney called “Fearless Everyday.” She now is an encouraging voice for the teen generation globally on self-love, being fearless, and handling social media in a healthy way. Phoebe’s shout out - Make up artist Delina Medhin Michelle’s shout out - Novella, Abby Adesanya You can follow Phoebe on Instagram and Twitter, @dopequeenpheebs The LIVELY Podcast is hosted by its CEO & Founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant.Produced by @ArcCreativePod with @RoseEReid and Sabine Jansen.Special thanks to our LIVELY team and @alialquiza. If you liked this episode, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, and be sure to tell a friend about it! We love this community and want to make we reach as many friends as possible :) For the up-to-the-minute scoop, follow us on Instagram @wearlively.

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