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Seth Godin on the Future of Marketing

By Brian Clark

If you're paying attention to the world of work, the news is unavoidable. Everyone is bracing for a tech-induced transformation -- and it’s already started. As a solo or small business person, technology allows you to do things that used to require scores of employees and tons of capital -- and that ability will accelerate with AI. But it’s the human being at the center of it all that will ultimately determine if you succeed or fail. Today author, entrepreneur, and educator Seth Godin joins us to share his direct experiences with helping people put the “human” first, while still taking advantage of the ever-powerful tools. Get the ratio right, and the sky’s the limit for even the tiniest of ventures. Here are just a few of the highlights from this episode: • Is “permission marketing” still the core of what makes marketing work? • The enduring power of being human and connecting with other humans. • Why consistency is more powerful (and scalable) than authenticity. • Why being a better marketer is more about making a conceptual shift than a tactical one. • What “status roles” are and why understanding this concept is so important for understanding how humans make decisions. • What Seth means when he says, “Most people prefer the blamelessness of ‘I’m for everyone’ than the responsibility of ‘I’m for someone.’” • Why automation and AI will not create, but continue, the long-standing trend of technology replacing jobs that don’t require a human touch. View the complete show notes with links at

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