WWRS: The Forge - Turn Up The Heaviosity!

By Carl

When I started The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, there was really nothing on the radio or TV covering Hard Rock and Metal. Since then, things have improved. with Primordial Radio (so good I bought part of the company!) getting the balance mostly right.That said, they don't really do much with the Heavier end.  Which is fair enough when you consider that Pete, their music co-ordinator isn't really into the PROPER Heavy stuff, and based on that, he doesn't really have the industry contacts in that area. Neither do Moose or Dewsbury, for the same reason. Shorty seems to be more into Pop Punk, so... you get the picture.That's not a negative criticism, by the way, it's just the way things are.  Plus, there's only so many hours in the day, so even if he was as immersed in this stuff as he would need to be, he wouldn't have the time. Obviously Primordial isn't the only Rock/Metal radio station, but it is the one with the least amount of Old Man Balls being played (you know what I mean - pretty much anything played on Planet Rock or Absolute Classic Rock).  So since they've got a lot of the Rock and Mainstream stuff covered, I'm going heavier.Basically, compare Download to Bloodstock.  If they're going to be Download, I'll be Bloodstock.So let's do it!

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