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Survival Skills for an Empath with Judith Orloff

By JJ Virgin

Dr. Orloff  wrote “The Empaths Survival Guide,” a book directed to sensible people who want to discover if they truly are Empaths, how to acquire tools to protect themselves, and really shine with the precious features Empaths have. Dr. Orloff, being an Empath herself, decided to share this tool kit with all of us. If you are an Empath, or if you are only trying to develop more empathy, this show is what you were looking for — start defying the prejudgments that link sensitivity with vulnerability; empaths have a unique perspective and approach that is majorly needed nowadays. Maybe you can discover in this show you are more of an Empath than you thought you were! Find it out!   Key Takeaways: [1:04] Judith Orlo’s career briefing. [2:28] How do you know if you are an empath? [3:21] Difference between being capable of being empathetic and being an empath. [4:28] Why empath can sometimes be overweight? [5:18] What can an empath do to protect himself or herself? [7:40] How an empath can have difficulties in relationships. [8:17] Empaths are drawn to the service professions, and tend to take on the energies of their clients. [9:13] Empaths tend to be drawn to the people that are opposite to them (narcissists and empaths). [10:44] Can empathy be learned? [11:53] How can an empath learn protection tools? [12:45] Empaths’ attributes. [13:23] How can anyone develop more empathy? [14:28] How did Dr. Orloff decide to write the book “The Empaths Survival Guide”? [15:52] How to start to forgive. [16:35] 3-minute meditation is the one thing that Dr. Orloff does that makes the biggest difference in her life. [18:26] Discover the truth of  food intolerance. [19:26] How to deal with stress when you can't control the circumstances. [20:04] You can't always change the situation, but you can choose your reaction. [21:03] Gratitude, tapping,and nutrients can help you cope with stress.   Mentioned in This Episode: Facebook Page JJVirginofficial

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