S2Ep.11 Supporting all Types

By Walt Drennan

As we approach the halfway point of National Diabetes Awareness Month, I wanted this episode to focus on a huge part of why we have this month in the first place: SUPPORT!! Yes, advocacy involves a lot of fundraising and those dollars are important but awareness spreading is also about helping the Type Nones in our lives be there in the ways that we need most. But on the other side, Type None life isn't easy either and they can also use very specific support that is difficult to identify let alone find. And to talk about exactly that I have on Type 1 famous person, Molly of "Hugging the Cactus" blog fame and her best Type None friend from college Emma. This week we explore all the ways that Type 1s AND Type Nones need support. So grab your favorite buddy, functioning pancreas or not, and listen in as we discuss the ways all of us navigate the world whether we're living with type 1 OR caring for someone who does and the support that can help make that easier.  Edited, Produced, and Written by: Walt Drennan Hosted by: Walt Drennan Music by: Afterglow Studios   --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/askmeaboutmyt1/message

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