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Top 11 Episodes of 2011

By Steve Stewart

The episodes with most listens in 2011: Episode #05: The Absolute Simplest Budget That Works by Steve Stewart (take course here) Episode #10: Should I Tithe While In Debt and the importance of giving, even while paying off debt Episode #14: Become A Coach with Justin Lukasavige, Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor who wrote a book about becoming a coach Episode #18: Jen and Bob McDonough's Real Life Case Story Episode #22: Living Without Credit Cards Part 4 (also Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) Episode #24: Zac Bissonnette as guest for this Real Life Case Study Episode #25: Dave Ramsey's Great Recovery Action Steps Episode #30: Glenn and Fredonna's Real Life Case Story, the same couple we featured in Episode #3's Real Life Case Study with Don Current Episode #33: eCredable is Incredible, interview with CEO Steve Ely Episode #36: Should I Refi and all that is involved when considering refinancing your house Episode #39: Open Enrollment series Part 3: 401k or Roth IRA? (also Insurance Options and Cafeteria Plans)  

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