052: Actors of our Generation

By At the Flicks

Who are the Actors of our generation? This is the question we tackle with the aid of regular guest Phil Foster. Each presenter picks two actors, one male one female and argues why they think their particular picks will be remembered in fifty years as the actors of this generation. The only stipulation for inclusion in the list, is that the actor has to be born after 1973! The team discuss the qualities necessary for legendary status, the movies they have been in and the directors they have worked with. With over 140 movies referenced in the discussion be ready for a barrage of film information! The list of actors is: Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Brie Larson and Emma Stone. For the male actors we discuss, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale! At the Flicks would not be complete without some of Jeff's madness. In this show he argues that one of the key attributes of great acting talent is be Welsh! This single attribute also allows Welsh actors to perform better in Westerns! For more of Jeff's particular brand of crazy listen to the show.

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