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#18 How to Stop Cheating Yourself!

By Eliza Hedley

If you're feeling lost, in a rut, lacking motivation, repeating self-sabotaging behaviours, indecisive or are on that personal development, growing your mindset path, or hey, even if you just want to listen to my voice for 17 minutes, then this episode is FOR YOU. We explore how to create "non-negotiables" (NN) - behaviours or actions that enable you to be your best self, and thus must not be waivered by any incoming peer pressure or egotistic whispers. We talk about how attaching your NN to a goal or purpose is KEY to sticking to and seeing them through. How NN create momentum, confidence, and strengthen our sense of self. How NN build resiliency, mental toughness and active living. How NN helps you to stop cheating yourself and succumbing to peer pressure and self sabotage. How NN decrease the burden of decision and indecisiveness. How NN help to change and shape your identity. Episode inspired by Ed Mylett, Andy Frisella, Tom Bilyeu and David Meltzer, ENJOY!!!

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