4: Joseph & Marion San Jose

By Laura-Anne Smid

Joseph & Marion SanJose are an integral part of the Catholic Christian Outreach community, even if Joe’s the only one with an official job title there. I met them through CCO one way or another and they graciously said yes to leading worship at adoration the night before my wedding. This conversation had me bursting to share all the authentic and down to earth ways they shared themselves with me and I’m so glad you’re listening to it now. We talk about the beautiful, romantic, like something from a movie but UNPLANNED evening that changed their friendship into something more, how they navigated Joe wondering about whether he should discern the priesthood, how they learned to make decisions together while planning their wedding, and all the stuff from their first year of marriage that they’re literally still unpacking now - and even more good conversation. Let’s go. Want to support this mission? Check out the Becoming Gold shop: http://laura-anne.ca/shop 

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