heliumTALK #44: Jonathan LeVine - Part Five (english edition)

By Jörg Heikhaus

After a longer quiet period Jonathan and I have managed to talk again in our ongoing series of conversations about the art world. We talk about the current status of our galleries and about the very early beginnings, we go from our huge shows back in the days to the mega shows of today, we look at the changes and the new art corporations as we call them, and ponder if we want to be a part of this or not. We also try to answer the question of a listener about opening a gallery today, like, if it makes sense in the first place or what’s to consider, and doing this we both start to disagree and get provocative, it really becomes a bit of a rant. But hey, this one was pretty difficult, from a technological standpoint. We had to switch platforms three times, because nothing really seems to properly work for these long-distance conversations. It all worked out fine in the end but postproduction was a bear and I edited a lot in this one. To make it more fun though I decided to turn this episode into a different kind of show, inserting some music by Jonathans band Cyclone Static and picking up the guitar myself at the studio.

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