Episode 69: Bill Weihl

By CleanCapital

This week’s guest is Bill Weihl, Executive Director of ClimateVoice. At ClimateVoice, Bill focuses on mobilizing the influence of the corporate world to aid in addressing the climate crisis we are facing today. ClimateVoice works to use the power of companies to prioritize climate change, by vocalizing and mobilizing the corporate sphere to go #AllinOnClimate. Prior to ClimateVoice, Bill worked as Google’s Green Energy Czar, and as the Director of Sustainability at Facebook. Host Jon Powers discusses Bill's past experiences and his current role in working to assemble the corporate sphere to help decarbonize our country. They discuss what is needed to reach our climate goal of keeping warming below 1.5℃, and how the corporate sector is a key player in achieving those goals.

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