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Episode 230| WELLNESS. with Jessica Jade

By Rosie Acosta

Jessica Jade is a heart centered entrepreneur, helping women of color embrace self care and their feminine health. She is a health coach, founder of a skincare line, and the host of a TV show.   In this episode, Jessica talks about her experience with celiac disease and the positive impact it has had on her life. She explains her inspiration around building her community, how she deals with her seasonal depression, and how she’s growing her skincare line.   Radically Vibrant Jessica   I have to take mental days off of work and, honestly, from humanity and I think everybody should try it Living in New York, I get seasonal depression in January and February, and I’m aware of this and I practice self care and giving myself what I need during that time Sharing my personal experiences online is about divulging information that shows the pretty picture on social media isn’t the only reality   Radically Inspired Clarity   When we don’t advocate for ourselves and live lives true to who we are, we hold that within our bodies and it manifests in our health Doubting ourselves and the potential reach of our impact is normal, we have to change our thought patterns to support ourselves instead of questioning our abilities Surrounding ourselves with supporters and like minded people is when we thrive and reach the next level of our lives   Jessica Answers…   Tell us about the sugar cleanse that you’re on right now and the experience your having? How did you create your health and wellness community? Can you talk about your seasonal depression?   Radically Loved Quotes   “I feel like a lot of women, especially women of color, don’t advocate for themselves.”   “I use social media to post the parts of my life that are ugly and sad so I can make social media a more transparent place.”   “I radically love myself.”   More About Our Guest   Jessica Jade is a health coach and organic skincare artisan. She defines her purpose as empowering women to embrace self care and their feminine health. You can find SunKiss Organics here:, find her on Instagram here:, and visit her website at   Don't miss out, because they sell out fast. Check out and use the code "RADICAL" so you can save $10 off your first box, making it only $39.99. Again, that's and use the code "RADICAL". You deserve to treat yourself!     Give Radically Loved a five star rating and send a screenshot of your review to and we’ll send you a radically loved gift.   Become a part of the private Radically Loved community in our Facebook Group here. LAST CHANCE FOR SCOTLAND (ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT): Join me in Scotland, as I lead a radically loved group of yogis through finding their life purpose, move them past their limiting beliefs and connect them to their higher purpose. April 13th-April 20th, 2019, Learn more here.

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