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EP-095 Angela Nuttle

By Lauri Mackey

Compose Your Soul - How to Turn Your Daily Chaos into Calm Control is Angie Nuttle’s new book and I can’t wait to get a copy! I would probably want to buy it just for the cover (that Angie created herself by the way!), but I need her inner genius that’s in that book.  If you’re like me and find those “life-sucking inner critics” sapping you like an energy vampire or you find that you are an OPP (Overly Productive Person) like Angie, or worse, and OCD OPP (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder wrapped into an Overly Productive Person) then this book is for you!  This podcast interview will give you Angie’s uniquely qualified background and start you on the path to implement something today to help you find your sense of calm in your otherwise chaotic world.  Angie is the real deal, funny, and definitely a soul sister.  Have fun with Angie and I as we discuss the realities of life and how to navigate it happily.

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