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Episode 010 - Greta

By Cole Imperi

It's graduation season. What are you graduating from right now? School? A relationship? Bad habits? In this episode, meet Greta—a soulful young woman on the brink of graduating with a Masters in Social Work. Stay tuned for an update at the end!Join us in the Facebook group at the podcast (for free!) by leaving a review and a rating on Apple Podcasts!‡ HERE ARE GRETA'S CARDS FROM HER PAST (LEFT CARD), PRESENT (CENTER CARD), FUTURE (RIGHT CARD) READING We used the Aquarian Tarot for Greta's reading.‡ INTUITION VS. BIAS LA PETITE MORTISODEIn this episode, we talked about getting better at identifying the difference between intuition and a bias. Here's a link to that Mortisode:‡ BRAD GOODALL'S NEW SINGLE Brad recorded the music for the La Petite Mortisodes and he just released a new single: How Long Has it BeenI also LOVE his other single, Casa De Mel.Brad is also the keyboardist for one of my favorite bands of all time—Ona.‡ GRETA'S PAINTING Greta showed me this after our reading and....omg! How cool. Greta, I can't wait to see where you end up!‡ TAROT BY MAIL sold out Tarot by Mail 10.00 Add To Cart I got my first Rider-Waite Tarot Deck when I was in high school, used, at a yard sale. I have used it ever since! I decided to break that very special deck up and send it out as mini tarot readings. You get a tarot mat (you lay your cards out on this), three actual tarot cards from that deck, an LDT sticker and.....a past, present and future tarot reading! It's up to you how you pull the cards.I have a handful left. Free shipping with code TAROT.

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