All creatures great and small

By Dark N Light

Devaki Panini is an environmental lawyer with conservation on her mind. Her work has taken her across the world, and she has witnessed first-hand how human actions are altering ecosystems. And yet she feels that our conversations on conservation still circle around mega-fauna, and we forget that bees, ants and spiders are the critical species that prevent mass extinction. Devaki believes in the power of poetry and art to reach young minds. Her poems add a funny, tender and personal note to the difficult road that lies ahead of us. In this episode, Susan Mathews and Devaki Panini speak about the inspiration behind her poetry and her interests in hidden and lesser-known species. The Subverse is the podcast of Dark ‘n’ Light, a digital space that chronicles the times we live in and reimagining futures with a focus on science, nature, social justice and culture. Follow us on social media @darknlightzine or at 

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