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S1:E1 - Welcome to the Tribe (with Lauren McManus)

By Jordan Flagel and Amanda Scott

Lauren McManus joins host Jordan Flagel for the inaugural episode of the WiFi Tribe podcast. Lauren is a full-time blogger and digital nomad who has been with WiFi Tribe since near the beginning - she has joined Chapters in more than 10 countries and spent more than a year of her life with the Tribe! In this episode she shares what it was like in the early days, the importance of community, finding balance between exploring and seeking comfort, and how the WiFi Tribe team inspired her to keep going through ups and downs.  About WiFi Tribe: We’re a curious bunch, passionate about life, and deeply motivated to grow, learn, and accomplish our dreams. But we also believe that the world is just too beautiful to live it all in one place. We call the world ‘home’, because home is where we feel we belong. For us, home is a tribe of freedom-loving misfits who embark on a journey together. It's here, where we can truly be ourselves Every month, we choose a different city to call home. We are inviting a mix of passionate, wild and free, remote professionals from all corners of the world to join our journey: entrepreneurs, photographers, developers, writers, designers, marketers, adventure addicts.... If you're easy-going, excited about adventure, and love being around people that inspire you, come join us! Check out WiFi Tribe's next locations:

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