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391: Getting Better at Empathy, with Daniel Goleman

By Dave Stachowiak

Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence In 1995, Daniel Goleman published the blockbuster bestselling book Emotional Intelligence*, a book that now has more than 5 million copies in print worldwide in 40 different languages. He’s the author of a series of primers for the competencies of emotional and social intelligence, titled Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence* and he’s the founder of the Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification*. Key Points The three types of empathy: Cognitive empathy - you can sense what people are thinking Emotional empathy - you can pick up on other people’s emotions Empathic concern - people can tell you care about them Resources Mentioned Emotional Intelligence* by Daniel Goleman Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence* by Daniel Goleman et al. A Force for Good* by Daniel Goleman and the Dalai Lama Emotional and Social Competence Inventory Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification Book Notes Download my highlights from the Empathy primer in PDF format (free membership required). Related Episodes CFL301: How to Get the Ideal Team Player, with Patrick Lencioni CFL344: Have Conversations That Matter, with Celeste Headlee CFL353: Enhance Your Self-Awareness, with Daniel Goleman CFL385: The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership, with Jason Brooks Activate Your Free Coaching for Leaders Membership Get immediate access to my free, 10-day audio course, 10 Ways to Empower the People You Lead. Give me 10 minutes a day for 10 days to get the most immediate, practical actions to become a better leader. Join at Thank You Thank you to golfnutn8, Kwestby, drh1589, and Steveroote for the reviews on Apple Podcasts. To leave a rating or review, visit If you’re an Overcast user and this episode was helpful, just hit that star button on the app to help recommend it to other Overcast users. Thank you if you do either.

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