Chapterhouse Dune (1985)

By Haitch Industries

In our latest episode, regular hosts Haitch and Jason are joined by spiritual advisor, Protolexus. On this episode we complete our journey, with the final book in Herbert’s septology, Chapterhouse Dune. We reflect on the entire journey, wrestle with the series highpoints and shortcomings, and give our definitive rankings for each book. Surprises abound! Chapters Introduction (00:00:00) Dune News (00:07:24) Roundtable Discussion (00:20:30) Your Letters (01:13:48) Notes and Links Thanks to Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) for his amazing track Good Time. It has provided the backdrop for our Dune bookclub synopses going back to Children of Dune. Check out his full score for Good Time. Dune Pod IMAX Private Screening of Dune (2021) on Opening Night Ticket Request is now LIVE! Signups are available from our Discord server, so JOIN THE DUNE POD DISCORD SERVER NOW (if you haven’t already) and then click the link! Read our episode transcripts! Check out our transcripts every week on the Dune Pod Medium page. Join the Dune Pod Discord Server! Hang out with Haitch, Jason, guest hosts, and other friends of the pod. Check out the invite here. Dune Pod is a TAPEDECK Podcasts Jawn! Dune Pod is a member of TAPEDECK Podcasts, a collaboration of podcasts, featuring tons of talent you have heard on Dune Pod, including: 70mm (a podcast for film lovers), Bat & Spider (low rent horror and exploitation films), Cinenauts (exploring the Criterion Collection), Lost Light (Transformers comics and movies), Will Run For (obsessing about running), and Film Hags (a podcast about movies hosted by four hag friends). Check these pods out!. Tim O’Reilly’s 1977 biography Frank Herbert See the movies we’ve watched and are going to watch on Letterboxd Dune Pod’s Breaking Dune News Twitter list Rate and review the podcast to help others discover it, and let us know what you think of the show at or leave us a voicemail at +1-415-534-5211. Dune Pod: your one stop shop to get ready for the new Dune movie by delving into the books, as well as the films of its cast and crew. Dune neophytes and hardcores alike are welcome. Follow @dunepod on Twitter and Instagram Music by Tobey Forsman of Whipsong Music Cover art by @ctcher Transcripts by Sophie Shin Dune Pod is a TAPEDECK Podcasts Jawn Dune Pod is a production of Haitch Industries

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