Dec 2020

1 hr 23 min

Joshua treats The Minimalists’ audience to three exclusive conversations with Glennon Doyle (), Dave Ramsey (), and Derek Sivers () in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of The Minimalists, and they answer the following questions: Has quarantining been a blessing in disguise for some people? () Why do we have so much difficulty addressing our discontent? () What is our ‘braver, bolder self’? () How crucial is the ‘why’? () Do we compound our problems by focusing on solutions? () Has your financial advice changed in light of the pandemic? () How crucial is a budget during a pandemic? () Why do we have problems determining what is essential and what is nonessential? () How is the pandemic likely to affect the housing market? () How much more dangerous a practice is debt during a pandemic? () What message of hope do you have regarding the pandemic? () Is much of our brokenness attributable to the misalignment between our values and our actions? () How did you develop your beliefs independent of the influence of others’ beliefs? () How do you recognize when it’s time to let go? () How has your relationship with material possessions changed over the years? () Is it true that you even minimized your middle name? () How do you decide when it’s time to move to a new place? () How have your views on social media changed over the years? () How much is enough? () What are your views on ads? () What is meta-inconsiderate? () Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:

Podcast Episode