PTB Specials #2 - Becky Badminton

By Tepak Bulu

Let's take a dive into the life of an English teacher in Xiamen, China, who is passionate about Badminton and decided to vlog about it, whilst living there for almost 10 years. She explained to us how she got there, how she got into the badminton world, bizarre English names, her first gig interviewing players back in Hong Kong Open 2018, her views towards Indonesian fans, and her hope for making badminton more popular to the world. The specials are intended to be more personal and hopefully will give you new perspectives from the guests and daily life in a more relaxed manner. "PTB Specials" is hosted by Ibhi from Tepak Bulu and Bawa Nyantai. Thumbnail photo taken from Becky Badminton's Facebook page. Intro music: Delay Rock  Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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