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Episode 9: Video Game Addiction

By Vanessa Lech

Video Game Addiction is relatively unknown but an article published in June 2018 by the New York Times is beginning to change all of that. The World Health Organization has formally recognized "gaming disorder" in the organization's International Classification of Diseases.According to the New York Times Article, "2.6 billion people play video games, including two-thirds of American households". Current revenue from video game purchases is high now and the video game industry is considered largely unregulated compared to other industries of similar size.According to the New York Times Article, "annual revenue for the industry is expected to grow 31 percent to $180.1 billion globally within three years". To me, it is clear that as a result of the large sums of money being earned inside of the video gaming industry that the industry would state that the Word Health Organization's position is, "deeply flawed" due to their clear conflict of interest.According to the New York Times Article, research is showing that "young players" are becoming "addicted to their games". Asia is tackling the problem proactively by setting up, arranging and funding rehabilitation centers that assist those addicted to video games. South Korea prohibits young gamers from playing between the hours of midnight and 6 am.Video Game Addiction is one of many types of addiction that exist. Addiction will likely increase as technology continues to become an imperative part of our lives.Resources, Information and References:"60+ New Hobby Ideas" sourced from: Game Player Hands Photo By: Glenn Carstens-PetersNews Article, "Video Game Addiction Tries to Move From Basement to Doctor’s Office" sourced from:…/business/video-game-addiction.htmlNational Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-8255 Association of Poison Control Centers1-800-222-1222 the Author:My name is Vanessa Lech. I am a behavioral clinician at Carolina Addiction & Anger Management PLLC. I regularly write content and self-publish books on various topics to include “Burn Out Self Care for Behavioral Health Clinicians”.

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