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A Unique Instructional Method is the Best Marketing, with Shelli Kurth.

By Enrollhand

SummaryOur guest today is Shelli Kurth. She is the School Director at Thrive Public Schools in San Diego, California - award-winning K-12 charter schools. Thrive Schools are reimagining education with a hands-on, project-based curriculum bound together by an emphasis on social-emotional learning. And it’s working! In this episode, Shelli shares the path of Thrive from vision to inception, and now onward to successful school expansion. She gives strategies for honoring the voice of every person in the education community - from students to parents, and from teachers to supporters.Listen and take note of how the school is founded on building deep, trusting relationships with everyone in the education family, but also places a strong importance on the value of scientifically grounded data to connect all the parts of the education method.Quotes:17:06 “First, and foremost, kids need to be learning, and it’s our job to collect data to see if we are hitting our targets.”19:40 “The heart of storytelling is building bridges to each other.”19:56 “(With storytelling) ...when something hard happens, you’re not just seeing the hard part; you’re seeing the whole person.”25:50 “Once you have established a close relationship (with parents or students) you can solve some of the heavier problems because you’ve gained a new perspective.”28:52 “Compiling and understanding your data is important work because otherwise, all those other parts aren’t going to be connected.” 31:27 “We must all help each other and really shout from the mountain tops. There are lots of things we are measuring that are giving us important information about education. Being innovative looks different from schools that are made to measure well on state standardized tests.” 33:07 “Part of our mission is not just moving the needle for each student, but moving the needle on education across the country and even in the world.” Here are some resources mentioned in our discussion:Tom Vander Ark @tvanderarkWhere to learn more about Shelli Kurth:Email: info@thriveps.orgThrive Public Schools on Facebook: Public Schools on Twitter: Public Schools on YouTube: on Linkedin: to learn more about Enrollhand:Website: www.enrollhand.comOur webinar: https://webinar-replay.enrollhand.comOur free Facebook group:

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