#06: Shamelessly Shameless with Freya Savage

By Doug Stevenson

Today we have a very intriguing guest as we discuss Prosperity with Freya Savage. Freya is a full of energy, a deep thinker and leads one of the most interesting lives, traversing a life between Australia and Bali. Freya is passionate about helping people lead a more authentic life spending her time helping people gain financial independence in order to live a life that is more true and fulfilling.    During the conversation we begin with a personal story of quitting her 6 figure salary job in the financial sector to dropping it all and travelling through Asia on a bike with nothing but a backpack and her partner. I am sure many of you have had this thought at least once if not each day, the thought of dropping it all to create space, travel and lead a more authentic life.   We go into a whole range of challenges people face in dealing with their beliefs and our lack of understanding of prosperity. I really enjoyed this conversation, it made me rethink a lot of thoughts that were going through my head. I am positive you will enjoy this episode. Find out more at www.freyasavage.com  

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