#82: Isabel Croxatto - exhibiting art with the heart and soul of a dancer

heliumTALK - das Kunstgespräch

Jan 19

1 hr 2 min

I had the pleasure of talking to the wonderful Isabel Croxatto from Chile. We have been trying to connect for some time and it finally worked out, she is usually ultra busy with her gallery, which has been growing large over the past decade. Isabel is coming from a very creative background, she has been a choreographer, and she speaks from the heart about her very personal artistic view on what art means for her and does for people who are willing to open up to it.

Isabel usually travels a lot for her gallery and takes part in very prestigious art fairs around the world. Right now of course she works from home too but she and her team have built a fantastic online gallery where she can continue to do amazing shows with amazing artists. One of them we share, his name is Victor Castillo and I am sure you all know him by now ;) .

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