Episode 10 - Building a learning community

By Teaching Matters

Episodes 6 to 11 align with  the Lecture Recording mini-series, which Teaching Matters ran between October and December 2018. This series was co-edited by members of the Lecture Recording Programme, and was designed to provide a snapshot of lecture recording at Edinburgh, and present a range of perspectives and experiences. Episodes 10 and 11 follow on from the conversations about the value, implementation and practicalities of lecturing recording, which are discussed in episodes 6 (Implementation of lecture recording), 7 (Practicalities of lecture recording), 8 (Using lecture recording and evaluation so far), and 9 (The value and impact of lecture recording). In these episodes, Dr Jill Mackay (a Research Fellow in Veterinary Education, and principal investigator on the lecture recording evaluation ) returns as our guest host. She is joined by Diva Mukherji (2018/19 Vice President Education, Edinburgh University Students' Association).

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