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How to Speed Up Your Metabolism Safely with JJ Virgin

By JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin deep dives into how to boost your metabolism, with simple tips you can use to start taking action today! Learn how to tell if you’re at an increased risk of a slow metabolism, plus find out the best metabolism-boosting foods and supplements to include in your diet and how to choose the right types of exercise to get results fast. It’s the little hinges that swing big doors: find out how a few small shifts in your daily habits can make a huge impact on your metabolism and your health!   Key Takeaways: [1:55] You need to have optimal thyroid function to have a great metabolism. [3:11] It’s important to take symptoms of low thyroid into account. [3:24] Adrenal exhaustion can impair your metabolism. [4:21] Different medications can elevate blood sugar and make you more insulin resistant. [5:15] 70% of the US population is overweight or obese. [5:35] Changing your body composition is the simplest way to increase your metabolism quickly. [6:20] Get a good body fat scale to figure out your body fat percentage. [7:19] Three things you can do to boost your metabolic rate right now. [8:09] It’s crucial to dial in your diet and eat by the clock. [10:44] Doing the right type of exercise can jumpstart your metabolism. [14:17] Exercise helps improve your insulin sensitivity. [14:39] Metabolic Charge is a non-stimulating metabolic booster. [15:06] Coffee can help break down fat. [15:30] Alcohol wreaks havoc on your metabolism. [16:30] You can burn 300 more calories throughout the day just by drinking water. [17:00] Unsweetened iced green tea has a host of health benefits. [17:43] Certain spices can speed up your metabolism. [18:44] The MCTs in coconut oil can help raise your metabolic rate.  [20:55] Food intolerance is the true cause of weight gain! Find out which foods to avoid in The Virgin Diet to help you lose weight and feel better fast. [21:37] Listener’s question: Is it just as good to do bodyweight exercises or do I need to use weights? [22:14] Bodyweight exercises can be very effective, but it really depends on the heaviest weight you can handle in good form for 8 to 12 repetitions. [24:10] Exercise should be progressive and changing all the time.   Mentioned in this episode:\metabolism JJ Virgin Fast Fitness Program JJ Virgin Metabolic Charge. JJ Virgin bulletproof coffee. JJ Virgin Cayenne pepper recipe JJ Virgin Course Mind Body Green JJ Virgin Books JJ Virgin on Facebook. JJ Virgin on Instagram  

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