Bee's, Pollinators, and How We Can Help with (Soon-To-Be) Dr. Katie Burns

By Hazel Hogan

I met with Katie in The Tara Building to chat and learn about Bee's and Wasps and other pollinators that are intrinsic to an eco systems health. Katie graduated from Wheaton College (USA) with a B.A. in Environmental Science, Biology concentration in 2015. From 2014-2017, she traveled around the United States to work with native insect pollinators as a research assistant and community outreach facilitator on five different conservation-focused research projects. She has worked most closely with Yellow-Faced Bumblebees (Bombus vosnesenskii) and Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus), but has participated in a number of general native pollinator and plant surveys as well. In 2016, while working at Archbold Biological Station in Florida, USA, she conducted an independent study entitled, “The multi-scaled habitat preferences of the Blue Calamintha Bee.” Katie is currently an Irish Research Council funded PhD student in the Stanley Ecology Lab at University College Dublin studying the importance of wild and managed pollinators to Irish natural capital. Her main research interests include, pollinator diversity effects on the pollination of native plants and crops. Interactions between managed and wild pollinators and native pollinator conservation With Being Earnest, I hope to create a space away from the noise of everyday life and distraction. I hope to offer a place, to listen, to share, to be engaged and hopefully inspired. Each week I'll be joined by sound people doing great things to have honest and genuine chats. I hope you enjoy Being Earnest. Thanks for Listening. Many more thanks go to the following people: Photography: Caitríona Muireann Music: Chef Brian- LATASHÁ/YouTube Audio Library Special Thanks to Jen Butler Go Raibh Míle Maith Agat agus Grá Mór

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