007 Diagnosis Story - Joanna Livermore Pt. 1

By Bron Webster - diagnosed 1996, mum with MS, expert MS patient and still mob

After a lengthy period in which Jo didn’t take her heath particularly seriously (Jo's own words), a diagnosis of Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis eventually came bringing relief at getting a diagnosis. Jo tells us about some of the visual tests involved in her diagnosis. Originally from Essex now living in Wigan, Jo works full time, had symptoms 10 years before diagnosis, and tells us about her head MRI and then spine. Includes details of the Evoked Potentials test and what was involved, … “at this point I didn’t even know MS was on the radar for me”  “This is the most important thing in your world … when you’re going through that diagnosis … it consumes you” “.... he said this has been going on for you for a really, really long time …” “... I can’t believe I’m as mobile as I am …” “... the next relapse could be the really disabling one for you…” and “... that was really scary" The first part of Jo's story. Find Jo here: Blog - www.ms-understood.com Instagram - www.instagram.com/gimmehopejoanna Twitter - www.twitter.com/gimmehopejoanna Copyright: Bron Webster 2020  

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