December 2: The World

By Area Code

Genesis 1:26-31 Today’s symbol is our planet, Earth. God made the world and everything in it, and God made everything good. I wonder what is good about the place where I live, and the creation around me? How can I say “thank you” to God? I wonder why we forget that God gave us this earth as a good gift? How can I help take care of it? I wonder how I show God’s image to the people around me? Can I say “thank you” to God for making me? Are there parts inside of me that feel empty or confusing, like the waters before God spoke? I wonder how God’s Holy Spirit is hovering near and looking at those parts of me with love? I wonder how the people in my family show me something about what God is like? Do I remember that my friends are also made in God’s image? My brothers and sisters, even when we fight? People at school I may not like? I wonder how I can see that every person I meet is special to God? During Advent, we remember that God came to live in this world and that he will come back to us again. I wonder how I can wait for Jesus during Advent? Loving God, you made us for yourself. We belong to you. Thank you for this beautiful world, and for the people in it. Help us to take care of it, just as you told us to do. And teach us to always look for your image in other people, and to love them because you do. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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