Family Travel with @Itzafamilything

By Luke Richardson

Mea and Corritta got bitten by the travel bug on their honeymoon, and refused to let their want to become parents slow them down.  Hanging out in Mexico for the last year due to travel restrictions (I can think of worse places to be!) they're now planning a trip to Asia.  I found this conversation so inspiring, because as I’ve shared before, I got married this summer, and my wife has two pretty grown up children. Whilst I still want to do a fair bit of solo travel – I’ve always done it that way and love it – this interview has made me think that maybe I should embrace experience of travelling with family.  Mea and Corritta also make it clear that when it comes to travel, there are no excuses. If you want to go and do that trip, then there's a way to make it happen.  Connect with Mea and Corritta: The podcast is sponsored by Bookitlist If you’re looking for unique travel adventures both near and far, make your first port of call. While you’re there, if you like the sound of anything you see, you can add it to your online book-it-list to take advantage of great discounts when you book. Have you got a story to share? Have you planned the trip of a lifetime and want to tell me about it? Read my book, Koh Tao, for free Leo’s looking for the perfect place to propose to the love of his life. When they arrive in the Thai tropical paradise of Koh Tao, he thinks he’s found it. But before he gets an answer, she’s nowhere to be seen.

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